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Recent Credits as Editor


Fisherman’s Friends (WT) - Six months in the life of a group of Cornish fisherman who have become one of  the years biggest pop sensations.   Now that this unlikely sea shanty band have got a million pound record deal, will their friendships suffer from the allure of the showbiz.48 mins for ITV/TwoFour broadcast (Dir: David Pearson)

The Real Abraham Lincoln (WT)  – 60 mins for BBC 4 (prod David Olusoga)


Secret Millionaire  – 48 mins for C4/RDF (dir: Drea McGurk)

Cutting Edge - Teens and Tiaras  we all thought debutantes were part of history but this film follows  'The London Season' as it continues to ensure the teenage daughters of Britain's elite mix with youngsters from similar stock  -48 mins for C4/Minnow Films (dir Jane Treays)

Unreported World – Blood and Oil25 mins for C4/Quicksilver (dir: Alex Nott)

The Empire of Cricket – India  - one part of four on the history of the great game 60 minsBBC2 (prod: Alastair Laurence)

Bust - an intimate portrait of families struggling to cope with personal debts as the credit crunch unfolds.60 mins BBC1/Truevision Films (dir: Brian Woods)


Mum Heroin and Me - the story of a mother's love for her daughter through the fog of heroin addiction -  52 mins C4/Granada (dir: Jane Treays)

Virgin Daughters - 1 in 6 teenagers in the USA pledge to abstain from sex before marriage. at the father and daughter purity ball In colorado springs fathers sign a covenant to help them keep their promise 52 mins C4/granada (dir Jane Treays)


Painted Babies Growing Up  - in 1994, when Jane Treays first met Asia and Brooke they were 5 year old stars of America's beauty pageant circuit.    Many people were shocked by the films portrayal of young girls being highly sexualised in the pursuit of big cash prizes.    12 years later we discover how they have turned out.
- 60 mins BBC4/Discovery/Granada (dir: Jane Treays)

CHOSEN - an incredibly intimate film in which three former pupils of one of Britains top boarding schools recall episodes of sexual abuse and the effects it has had on their lives as adults.  - 90 mins for festivals C4/More4 - Truevison Films (dir: Brian Woods)
Winner BAFTA best single documentary 2009

Race Through Time - With the recent discovery of mass graves in the Namib desert    this remarkable film traces the history of racial ideas and 19th century colonial geno­    cides, that would lead ultimately to the Nazi death camps.
- 60 mins BBC4 (prod: David Olusoga)


Pianos – A Love Affair – Alexander Waugh seeks out piano obsessives (Jools Hol­land and Damon Albarn among them) and tries to discover just what it is that drives them to spend up to eight hours a day playing their beloved instrument.
60 mins BBC4 (dir: Fran Landsman)

A Child’s Life – Aged 12 and Looking After the Family – Jenny (9) and her sister Louise (12) are just two of 175,000 Young Carers living in Britain today.
– 48 mins C4/Granada (dir Jane Treays)


A Child’s Life - The Smallest People in the World – There are just 200 primordial dwarfs in the world – of the six whose stories are told here, Danny is in trouble at school, Bradley wants to be a basketball coach and Bri wants to have four children! - 48 mins C4/The Learning Channel/Granada (dir Jane Treays)


Credits as Director


BBC One Life - Breaking the Silence – In this, the first film I have directed myself, I explore the affect childhood sex abuse has had on my family 45 mins BBC1 (One Life series editor Todd Austin)
nominated for the Mental Health Media Awards


Selection of  Editing  Credits before 2005

Lost Decade - The Bad Food Guide 60 mins BBC4 (prod:  Merryn Thredgould)

Death on the Mountain – Life and death of sixties cycling ace Tommy Simpson - 60 mins BBC4 (prod: Alastair Laurence)

winner RTS Sports Documentary Award

55 Days – The Fall of Saigon – 90 mins BBC2/Flashback TV (dir: Ricardo Pollack

For One Night Only - Strictly Classroom50 mins for ITV/Granada (dir Jane Treays)

Ain’t it Funky – Part Five of Soul Deep- 60 mins BBC2 (prod Alastair Lawrence)

Games in Athens - 60 mins for BBC’s Storyville/Mosaic Films(prods: Amalia Zepos/Colin Luke)

My Dad Diane - 60 mins BBC 2 (prod Fran Landsman)

School Day -.  60 mins for BBC1 (prods Steve Greenwood & Colin Napthine)

Superhomes in Moscow 55 mins for BBC2/Flashback TV (dir: Louise Wardle)

Big Read – 2 x 28 mins for BBC 2 (prods: Deep Seghal & Alastair Lawrence)

Selling Jesus -  60 mins for BBC4 (prod: Deep Seghal)

This Model Life 3 x 50 mins for C4/Granada (dir: Jane Treays)

The End of Capitalism - 60 mins for BBC4 (prod: Louise Wardle)

Rock On and On and On – Life on the Road with Status Quo
- 63 mins for C4/Granada (dir: Jane Treays)

Bitter Inheritance 2 x 40 mins for BBC2 (series prod: Steve Greenwood)

Life After Love 2 x 40 mins for BBC1 (series prod: Kate Butler)

Lahore Law - 3 x 50 mins for C4/Agenda Productions (dir: Ruhi Hamid)

Life of Grime  3 x 30 mins for BBC1 (series prod: Kath Moore)

Little Angels – 2 x 50 mins for BBC2 (prod: Steve Greenwood)


Selection of Credits before 2000

Eutopia. – 2 x 30 mins for BBC/Mosaic Films (prod: Colin Luke)

Adult Lives -.for BBC/Mosaic Films (prod: Colin Luke)

Royal College of Art – 2 x 40 mins for BBC (dir: Jill Nicholls)

Picture This - A Stranger Amongst Us  Nick Drake - 40 mins for BBC (dir: Tim Clements)

Holy Land Unholy Land 3 x 30 mins for C4/Mosaic Films (prod: Colin Luke)

Cutting Edge - Bounty Hunter 50 mins for C4/Principal Films (dir: James Marsh)

BBC Assignment - The Russian Disease 45 mins for BBC/Mosaic Films (dir: Melanie Ansty)

Three Songs on Pain, Light and Time  - 22 mins for C4 /Black Audio Film Collective (dirs: Eddie George/Trevor Mathiso


other work


Co-ordinator: Four Corners Film Workshop responsible for 16mm film production and training:    The Tigers Milk – Women of Nicaragua - Producer and Editor
- 30 mins (dir: Fiona Mackintosh)



1982 – 85     

BA(HONS) 1st ClassPhoto Film & TV (Middlesex Polytechnic)

- Arts Council Best Student Film Prize 1985